Far Ahead! Jiexun New "H" Series Cloud Quality Sorters Shocking Debut

Far Ahead! Jiexun New "H" Series Cloud Quality Sorters Shocking Debut

publishdate:2024-04-19 views:253

To empower the new productivity of grains sorting industry, continue to lead the industry's transformation forward, and promote full scene processing technology solutions, on April 18th, Jiexun held a live launch for the new "H" series rapid AI quality sorter, inviting many customers and special guests to witness and attracting nearly 40000 people in the industry watching.

Leading the way, the future has arrived.

The new "H" series cloud quality sorters have been fully upgraded, pioneering the application of AI to high-speed multi-channel sorting scenarios, achieving ultra high production and precision. A series of improvement plans, including cloud connectivity, intelligent regulation and MPF technology, have been showcased in a multi-dimensional manner, showcasing the R & D and products strength of Jiexun.

Jiexun also launched a brand new upgraded AI belt quality sorter and intelligent cloud control production line solutions, realizing the unmanned future factories.

With the rapid development of the digital economy, the nuts and grains industries are also facing digital transformation, and innovation is also a constant pursuit of Jiexun. As a leader in the global sorting industry, Jiexun will continue to lead the innovation of "grain saving and loss reduction" processing technology, solve problems such as excessive food processing and non-standard processing technology, and provide higher quality processing solutions for more and more food enterprises.