【Exhibition Review】Focusing on New Quality Productivity, Jiexun Appeared at the 2024 Anhui Spring Tea Expo

【Exhibition Review】Focusing on New Quality Productivity, Jiexun Appeared at the 2024 Anhui Spring Tea Expo

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The 2024 Anhui Spring Tea Expo was successfully held at the Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 10th to 13th. As a leading global provider of tea sorting solutions, Jiexun Optoelectronic showcased its new DF quality sorter series, which attracted the attention of countless attendees.

Jiexun’s leading technology attracts much attention

At the exhibition, Jiexun product technology professionals shared with visitors the company's latest AI quality sorting technology, industry insights, and market development blueprint. By showcasing the world's largest AI large model database of tea quality sorting, as well as multi scenario solutions, customers can understand the technological development trends in the sorting field from multiple aspects such as scientization, standardization, and intelligence.

The DF43s quality sorter that was unveiled this time is based on the new PLOV quality sorting self-learning platform, which accurately identifies the extremely subtle differences in materials shapes. It can achieve stalk/flake/bud separation by one-time, and meet the shape sorting requirements for size, length, thickness, and other shapes of tea strips.

DF quality sorting truly achieves the sorting effect of "high output, low breakage, and one-time cleaning". Through on-site demonstrations at the exhibition, it has been unanimously recognized by the audiences, and more and more customers believe in and choose Jiexun.

Leaders led by Xia Tao, former Vice Chairman of the Anhui Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Vice President of the China International Tea Culture Research Association, visited the Jiexun Optoelectronic booth for observation and exchange.

Jiexun has always committed to technological innovation in the sorting industry, and through technological innovation, helps the development of the tea industry towards refinement and intelligence, continuously empowering the global tea quality and tea industry development, improving quality and efficiency.