New Year Speach

New Year Speach

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening everyone! First, I extend a warm welcome to the guests and friends who have come from afar! Sincere thanks to all family members! Since its establishment, Jiexun has always adhered to building a team with faith and a sense of honor. We have always held the belief of "let the whole world enjoy the best quality food", and are based on the present, aiming to become a respectable enterprise.

We move forward with faith, and every time we accomplish something, we receive a full sense of honor. This belief and sense of honor lead us towards the great belief of "let the whole world enjoy the best quality food", constantly approaching and ultimately becoming a reality. In the process of seeking development, Jiexun has always adhered to a strategy of differentiation, which has been practiced in the past, and will continue to be practiced now and in the future. What kind of differentiation do we create?

The first of the five differentiations that Jiexun insists on building is cultural differentiation.  Jiexun's corporate culture has been developing for fifteen years, with a profound cultural heritage. It is precisely because of these cultural differences that we have formed different values in our business philosophy, which is our cultural differentiation.

The second differentiation is the differentiation of our technology. What is the differentiation of technology? For example, when Huawei was hit overseas, it released the Harmony OS system to the world, breaking through the technological blockade overseas. Not only did it not break down, but it also achieved technological breakthroughs.

We, Jiexun, are the same. In the Chinese color sorting industry, Jiexun has established its own technology development system and launched its self-developed "somersault cloud" technology platform. Under this platform technology, we have launched a series of milestone products that lead the industry's development, such as TK series, DF series, H series, PLUS series, PRO series, etc. Because of this technology, we have achieved product differentiation.

The fourth differentiation is our management differentiation, which can be summarized as the core idea of "people-oriented, selfless and altruistic" management, guiding everyone to effectively carry out management work and inspiring strong fighting spirit.

The fifth major differentiation is the differentiation of services. As we all know, when it comes to service, we think of after-sales service, and the differentiation of after-sales service. The service I am talking about here is a broad definition of differentiation, which includes our pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales services, as well as our backend support at home. All of these are called service differentiation. Different differentiation reflects a strong support for winning battles on the front line, which is service differentiation.

Especially our after-sales service personnel always encounter customers thanking them with red envelopes during services. However, our after-sales service personnel always politely refuse, even if it is difficult to refuse, they truthfully hand over red envelopes to the company. Why do customers give red envelopes to our service personnel? It must be because you've been recognized for your good service. Of course, while we provide excellent services, we also have strict institutional guarantees to ensure that never take any property from the masses, which is the differentiation of services.

These five major differences are all important guarantees for us to win industry reputation, ultimately aimed at creating differentiation for our Jiexun brand. Our brand aims to bring value to customers, and differentiation strategy is a value war, not a price war, bringing solutions and problem-solving to customers, truly bringing benefits to them.

Especially in the past year of 2023, in such a competitive environment, we stood out. Not only did we not get swept away, but we also experienced rapid growth, which proves that our technology has played a real lead and subversion!

Every family member present here has made efforts for the differentiated development of Jiexun. The company's ability to achieve such results is inseparable from everyone's hard work and dedication. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all my family for this!

Summarize the past, but also look forward to the future. In 2024, not only will we continue to advance our differentiation strategy, but we also need to make drastic changes: embrace reformation and start anew! Of course, reformation is a big thing, and it is impossible to complete it in a short period of time. Perhaps we will continue to seek development in the process of reformation. Reformation is like changing tires on a highway, which requires both high-speed driving and stronger tire support in order to run faster and farther.

Jiexun is an innovative leader and disruptor in the industry. Jiexun people always adhere to product confidence, cultural confidence, and empower human life with technology, constantly moving from victory to victory! Thank you all!